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Public Routes, Horizon Improvements and Faster Releases

October 14, 2022


We have been working hard on squashing bugs and improving the Space developer experience. Here are the latest changes to Space Alpha:


Public routes

You can now create routes that are accessible to everyone without authentication:

- name: backend
src: backend
engine: python3.9
- "/test" # exact match
- "/public/*" # wildcards
- "/api/*/docs" # wildcards can be placed anywhere

Requests made to your Micro matching any of the routes defined in public_routes will bypass Space’s authentication entirely. Read the docs for more details.

Horizon improvements

  • Show when your Builder instance is updating
  • Include app installations on the Horizon
  • Improve design of Horizon items to make it easier to distinguish Builder instances and projects from normal apps
  • Sync Horizon state across devices
  • Add Docs app

Faster releases

We’ve made some under the hood improvements of our core platform and creating releases should now be up to 5x faster. ⚡

Our next target is speeding up builds which should be a lot faster soon!

Other additions

  • Add Teletype to the docs
  • Include logs in response when a Micro runs into a runtime error while handling a request
  • Show realtime build logs during space push

Fixes & improvements

  • Fix Teletype being accidentally invoked
  • Fix timeout issues during build (after space push) for bigger apps
  • Fix Builder instance breaking after multiple pushes
  • Reuse description of previous release in the CLI if it is not provided
  • Various under the hood stability improvements

We are working hard on new features and you can expect big changes coming very soon! Thanks for being a crucial part in the early stages of Space and for all the great feedback we have received.