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The Team

We're a group of noobs and outsiders who were able to get thousands of developers to fall in love with Deta.

Mustafa Abdelhai Mustafa Abdelhai


Mustafa Abdelhai

Max Eusterbrock Max Eusterbrock

Space Engineer

Max Eusterbrock

Gustav Henningsson Gustav Henningsson

Operations Manager

Gustav Henningsson

Aavash Shrestha Aavash Shrestha

Software Engineer

Aavash Shrestha

Achille Lacoin Achille Lacoin

Software Engineer

Achille Lacoin

Maximilian Schiller Maximilian Schiller

Product Engineer

Maximilian Schiller

Cristian Crețu Cristian Crețu

Design Engineer

Cristian Crețu

Maxu Maxu

Product Designer


Hozan Hozan

Software Developer


Ahmed Yasser Ahmed Yasser

Product Designer

Ahmed Yasser

We're building a new computer
and are just getting started!

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