Deta Space


Limits & Pricing

Deta wants to give a cloud to everyone, from enthusiasts in Berlin to students living in Bandung. And a core belief of ours is that providing a free space to build is a long-run positive investment, not only for builders using Deta but also for Deta. This is why Deta Space is free for building and launching apps that can reach millions around the world.

If you release an app via Deta Discovery, you can already make your app massively available to people all around the planet, without having to think about infrastructure or costs.

How will we make money? A few ways.

  • App Monetization: Soon developers will be able to launch paid apps with Space, via a managed payments product. Deta takes care of the dirty work and earns money with developers.
  • Premium Spaces: Spaces themselves will have premium features, for example, multi-user or backups or premium capacity. We’re thinking through this at the moment.


We want to affirm that the core experience of the building will remain free with Deta Space.

Although we initially listed limits here, we removed them to make sure we support a wider range of use cases. We will share more information soon.

We do need to have some limits, otherwise, some will push our own limits of what we can provide. This will result in a worse experience for everyone else.

If you are planning on using 1m+ requests a month or planning to store a lot of data in your own Space, please get in touch at

If you want to get early access to App Payments or have any questions or concerns, send us an email at