A cloud has never been this personal.

All apps you find and use on Deta run in your own sandboxed ‘personal cloud’.

You control your apps and your data, while app developers don't touch your infrastructure (unless you are the developer 🤓).


1 click to install apps. Updates are opt-in. Data is portable across apps and exportable (soon).


Infrastructure is sandboxed by user. All apps stay running if the dev disappears.

Collaborative (soon)

Your apps sit in your space, where you can invite your teammates and collaboraters.

Extendable (soon)

Build out your own personal 1st party apps. Backed by Deta Cloud.

An app for any task.
Method Draw

Method Draw is an in-browser SVG editor. It gives you a simple let flexible canvas to create .SVG files on the fly. With Deta, all your SVGs are backed up in the cloud.


Mira is a personal contacts manager written by Linus. Mira is designed for quick actions and references to people you have met, and things you want to remember about those people.


Yarc is an open source and hackable digital zettlekasten based on Markdown and backlinks. Join the fun with yarc.

And many more . . . get started today!
Our mission is to help activate the next billion ideas on the internet.
Explore them with us.

We think modern ‘big cloud’ is not set up to support the next billion ideas. So we are building tools we think just might.

Our first product, Deta Cloud, is a ‘micro cloud’ meant to empower the individual developer to create ideas. Our second, Deta Space, is a cloud computing environment meant to empower the end user to use ideas as they want. We think the two are very complementary.

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