For doers & dreamers.

Engineers turn [beautiful] dreams into reality.

— The Wind Rises, directed by Hayao Miyazaki

At Deta, we are building a personal computer in the cloud — a personal cloud — for the individuals who dream and do with code. It's called Deta Space. Here’s why we’re building it.

Computers & Ideas

We believe computers are incredible: one single tool can activate a multitude of human ideas, encoded as software. This combination, of computers & software, helps us automate much of the boring and routine in our everyday lives. But it also lets us explore & author our own ideas, create our own worlds, and explore the worlds of others. We’d like to highlight two forms of computers that have taken the world by storm doing both.

Personal computers started off as a fringe idea during the mid 20th century, in the heads of a few visionaries: a computer per person, where you can create and use programs, and store data, all in your own space. Today, personal computers are a central feature of daily life, enabling people to do and dream in ways that were largely unimaginable just a short time ago.

Cloud computers followed, thundering into the mainstream with a powerful idea: large and powerful computers that make shared programs and data remotely accessible over the internet. These computers balloon the limit of the doable, and of the dreamable. We can now compute collaboratively with all the people and information that are also plugged into the internet.

Ideas & Their Authors

With both paradigms in computing, there is a group of individuals who play a magical role: software developers. Developers turn their dreams into the software, which the computer puts to work at a wonderous efficiency. Limits placed on these people have a magnified effect, because we're ultimately limiting what the rest of humanity can do.

We think both the personal and cloud computers of today place substantial limits on millions of these people, all around the planet.

While personal computers are great at running the infrastructure that powers their software, they are not built for making their programs and data remotely accessible. This is a huge limit on the kinds and power of ideas that developers can create.

In contrast, cloud computers are good at enabling software and data that is widely accessible. But in exchange, they ask developers to pay an extreme price. They require developers to fight a tooth-and-nail battle creating, operating, and paying for a complex web of cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, as authors, developers are arguably the most important end-users of computers. Many of their brilliant ideas for everyone else come from using, exploring, and tinkering for themselves. Cloud computers and their software today do not empower them, as end-users, to do this. Instead, developers have little control of their own personal cloud stuff, crucial raw material to build and explore with.

Taken together, we think these limits are holding back billions of dreams, waiting to do.

Deta Space: for Doers & Dreamers

At Deta, we think developers around the world are the key to unlocking computers’ ultimate potential. We also think the computers of today don’t really support developers. So we are building a new kind of computer: it's a personal cloud that we call Deta Space.

Here’s a little bit more about Deta Space.

With Space, development is free. We don’t think developers should have to configure, manage, or pay for the computer that runs their idea for other people. We also think that end-users should have the freedom to develop against their own stuff, by default.

Space is universal. We think massive, worldwide, accessibility should be possible for the incredible apps that developers write, and the information these apps produce. Extra trouble for the developer shouldn't be necessary.

Lastly, Space is personal — we think end-user control of a computer, its apps, and its information is fundamental to computing in a free and universal way. And not just for software developers, but also for everyone else.

Thank you.

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