Using Space

Discovering Apps

Deta Space comes with Deta Discovery - Space’s app marketplace. On Discovery developers can publish their apps built with the Space developer platform for other users to find and install.

Deta Discovery consists of three sections, “Popular”, “Recent” and “Hot”. Depending on the selected section you will either see the most popular apps, the most recent apps or the hottest apps right now.

Clicking on an app’s icon opens its Discovery page which contains more information about the app itself, the developer behind it and the latest version.

Installing and Using Apps

With each install an isolated copy of the app is installed in the user’s personal cloud. Only the user who installed the app has access to it and all the data the app stores is stored in the user’s personal cloud. The developer of the app does not have any access to the app or the data.

Once an app is installed it will appear on the “Canvas”, the home screen of the personal cloud. To launch an app simply click on an app’s icon. Space will open a new browser tab where you can use the app.

Viewing App Data

To view an app’s data click the three dots (…) next to an app’s icon to open the context menu. There you will see an option called “View Data”. A new dialog will open up showing an interface which you can use to browse the data. You can use the search field to search the records in the app’s database or switch to “Drive” to view the files your app stores.

Updating Apps

Different from traditional web apps, Space apps don’t update automatically when the developer makes a change. You the user are always in control of when to update an app.

If an update for an app is available you will see a small yellow circle next to the app’s icon on the Canvas. Clicking that circle or clicking “Update App” in the app’s context menu (…) will open a dialog showing the update’s release notes. From there you can install the update.

⚠️ Disclaimer: Updating apps is still a new feature and it could break your app.

Managing Apps

To change the order of the apps on your Canvas just click on an app and drag to move it to a different position.

If you want to uninstall an app entirely, open the app’s context menu (…) and click “Settings”. Confirm that you want to delete the app and click “Delete”.

⚠️ Deleting an app cannot be undone and all its data is permanently lost.