On Space, you can back-up and eject the data stored in every app you install, or any Collection you create.

This is done via Data Exports.

Creating an Export

For an App on the Horizon, open the Exports menu by clicking an app’s context menu from the Horizon and selcting App Data. Then select the “Exports” tab.


Click the “Export” button to create a complete export of your app’s data. This will trigger an export process which will run.

The status of the export is indicated by the colored dot on the left side, you can get details by hovering over the status indicator. Click the “Refresh” button to see the latest status. A green status indicator means your export was completed successfully and can be downloaded.

Downloading an Export

You can download any completed data export by clicking the download button. This will download a .zip archive to your local machine, containing all of the data associated with the export.


The format of the data in an export will include a bases folder with a json file for every Deta Base in your app, and a drives folder with a sub-folder for each of your app’s Drives.

/ bases
/ drives
/ my-drive
/ my-second-drive
Deleting an Export

To delete an Export, click the trash icon next to the export.

exports-delete This action is irreversible.