Your Account

Deleting Your Account

You can submit a request to delete your account any time. After receiving your request, an automated job will delete your account and data within 30 days.

In order to delete your account, login to your Space Dashboard, open Teletype, click on Settings and then navigate to the Account tab.

Deleting your account will delete all your data, including your Collections and all apps you’ve installed. You will not be able to recover your data after deleting your account.


Your published apps

If you have published an app on Deta Space that has been installed by anyone else other than yourself, the app will continue to be available on Deta Space even after you delete your account. This is to ensure that the app continues to work for users who have installed it.

If your published app was listed, it will be unlisted after you delete your account. For the existing app Discovery page, we will add a note that the app is no longer maintained.

If no user has installed your app, it will be deleted.