You can make any Horizon public and share your personal cloud with the world.

To make a Horizon public click the 🌍 emoji in the Galactic Island at the bottom of any Horizon.


Click “Share Your Horizon” to make it public.

By default, your Horizon will be available on a random path under your personal cloud computer’s public link at<random-path>.

You can update this <random-path> by editing the input field shown.


You can also make any Horizon your personal cloud computer’s homepage by toggling (this will make the Horizon available under

Shared Card Behavior

On its public link, a Horizon’s Cards behave differently than when you are logged in privately through

First, others will not be able to permanently modify anything.

Second, not all cards are displayed, and for others, some things won’t work the same.

  • Text, Embed, Link and Theme cards will display normally.
  • Custom Cards will display normally, except any interactions with Deta Base or Drive will not work.
  • Installed apps from Discovery will only show a link to the app’s Discovery page. If the installed app is an unlisted release, it will not show on the public Horizon.
  • Builder Projects and Instances will not display on a public Horizon.