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Deta is building a personal computer on the internet — “a personal cloud” — called Deta Space. If you build software for the internet, Space wants to make it dramatically easier to do so. If you’re a user of the internet, Space wants to bring the freedom of personal computing to your life online.

What’s a personal cloud and why should I care?

You likely already use web apps such as Google Docs, Figma, or ChatGPT. When you use them, you interact with big, remote, computers on the internet (”the cloud”). These computers are designed, and controlled, by the enterprises that provide each app. If you want these computers (and your data that they control) to work for you in ways you’d like, it’s often difficult or impossible.

A personal cloud is also a remote computer on the internet that runs web apps and stores data. But it’s a computer that’s personal, a computer designed around you. You control it — it’s apps and data are yours to direct and unleash.

If you’re curious, you can read in more detail:

What about Deta Space?

Deta Space is Deta’s personal cloud.

Space offers a growing catalogue of internet software for you to use and discover. You can also build apps for yourself, using friendly tools and languages you know and love. Last but not least, you can publish your creations to the world in a single command or click.