Getting started

At Deta, we are building a personal computer that lives in the cloud β€” a personal cloud β€” for individual software developers. We call it Deta Space.

On Deta Space, each user of an app gets their own sandboxed copy of the app, which contains its own micro-servers, databases and file stores.

Learn more about our vision on the Why Deta Space page and check out our intro to the Personal Cloud for an overview of the core concepts.

With the personal cloud, we see a future where individuals are empowered with apps & data that:

  • are hackable & extensible
  • are seamlessly interoperable
  • are fully backed up, with rollbacks
  • support groups of people collaborating in real time

Most importantly, we plan to earn money with developers who want to monetize their creations.

✨ Key features

Deta Space is standing behind you, fully.

  • Fully managed servers: App developers have an ops burden of zero, as they scale their users to space.

  • Fully managed data: App developers don’t have to worry about user data/compliance.

  • Fully managed security: App developers don’t think about security and auth - each user gets their own sandboxed app with managed auth.

  • Fully managed payments: App developers can earn money with their apps, activated easy-peasy (planned).

πŸ’» Build your first Space app

Follow our guide on how to build your first app for Space. We also have tutorials on how to launch your favorite frameworks on Space in the Quickstarts section.

πŸ“š Learn Space

Learn about the key concepts of Space:

… find our full API documentation under the Reference section.

πŸ’¬ Join our community

We have a growing community of like minded developers who are happy to help or provide feedback on your Space projects. Join us on Discord!

You can also follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the shenanigans.