Create a Public Site

Although Space is optimized for running single-user full-stack apps, you can also use it to host public static websites. This is useful if you want to host a personal website or a landing page for your app.

Making a Micro public

Every app on Space can contain up to 5 Micros, which are private by default. You can make individual Micros public using the app’s Spacefile. Just set the public flag to true for each Micro you want to publicize.


- name: frontend
src: .
engine: svelte
primary: true
public: true

Only the Micro with the primary flag set to true will be served on the root domain. The other Micros will be served on their respective paths under the root domain. For example, if a Micro is named api (or has the path property set to api), it will be served on Read more about Micro routing here.

Note: public: true is just a shorthand for public_routes: ["/*"]. We recommend using public_routes instead if you need more customization.

Connecting a custom domain

You can set up a custom domain for your app, read more in the User Manual.