Environment Variables

Environment Variables allow apps to access custom configuration at the individual app level. They are available in all non static Micros during runtime. You can create custom environment variables for your app that can be modified by the end user of the app, while Micros also come with pre-set Space system variables.

Custom Variables

Use the env preset in the Spacefile if you need to set custom environment variables for your Micros. This can be used to let users of your app specify things like external secrets, API Keys, or Data Keys of different app instances.

- name: api
src: ./api/
engine: python3.9
description: Secret message only available to this Micro
default: "deta is cool"
  • name: environment variable name or key
  • description: human friendly description (optional)
  • default: default value for the variable (optional)

The user of the app will be shown a UI in the App’s Settings where they can set the values for the specified environment variables. They will be exposed to the Micro’s environment under the specified name. For development instances of your projects, these environment variables can also be fetched and/or updated directly with space-cli.

When developing locally using space dev, any custom environment variables that exist in the current shell environment will be passed through to the development environment, overwriting the default value.

Pre-set Variables

Micros also come pre-set with environment variables, accessible on the server side of every Micro. The following variables are available:

  • DETA_PROJECT_KEY: a Data Key
  • DETA_SPACE_APP: will be set to “true”
  • DETA_SPACE_APP_VERSION: the app version
  • DETA_SPACE_APP_HOSTNAME: will be set to the primary hostname
  • DETA_SPACE_APP_MICRO_NAME: your Micro’s name
  • DETA_SPACE_APP_MICRO_TYPE: will be set to "primary" if primary otherwise “normal”
  • PORT: the port Space will route requests to on your Micro

Please let us know if you need additional configuration.