This is a fork of the original 2048 game


With Berowra you can get a CMS up in a minute, not a day. Berowra gives you the benefits of self hosting, without needing to maintain any infrastructure. With a friendly API, Berowra is easy to use, flexible and completely free.


contactful is your own personal contact manager. Manage all your contacts and add context to them in one place. Originally written as Mira by Linus Lee (@thesephist), contactful was ported by Noah Manneschmidt (@noahm).

Method Draw

The purpose of Method Draw is to provide a simple and easy-to-use SVG editor experience. It purposely removes some features such as layers and line-caps/corners in exchange for a more simple and pleasant experience.


microletter makes it easy to create your own newsletter. It is as simple as it gets, focusing on a great writing experience, and an easy to use interface. microletter is perfect for your own little editorial newsletter.


WebCrate helps you organize links, articles and more from around the web in a central place and share them as collections (called crates) with the world. It's more than just a bookmarking tool.

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