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Deta’s first Shipathon: Sprint to Space

February 2, 2023

We are sprinting towards the big merge, where Deta Cloud gets merged into Space. This means, overnight, tens of thousands of doers and dreamers get to experience Deta Space. This as an opportunity for you and your ideas to shine in a big way: a chance to make it to the Deta homepage (and to win some galactic goodies).

So we’re inviting everyone to sprint with us and build in a Deta’s first Shipathon.

🏗️ - Challenge

Build and launch something using Deta Space until next Sunday, February 12th EOD (CET).

What could you build?

  • An entirely new app
  • A feature for an existing app
  • A port of an OSS app (or an app you already built) to Space

🎁 - Prizes


We’re gifting up to 25 domains and sticker packs to every substantial launch!

Here’s a few examples from the community of recently released apps that meet this threshold:

Discord Nitro for Scheduled Actions

The team will select the best app using a Scheduled Action and the winner will get 6 months of Discord Nitro paid for by the Deta Treasury.

(The Scheduled Action doesn’t have to be the app’s main feature).

Grand Prize

Get your app featured on the new Deta homepage and 2 Deta Space T-Shirts!

📤 - Submission

To submit your hack, launch an app to Deta Discovery and share the Discovery link before the deadline via this form.

Multiple submissions are accepted, and you can work with others (but will need to share the prize, per submission).

💬 - Join the chat

Post your app to the #space-apps channel on Discord for feedback!

Click the green button in Discord to join the hub for all things shipathon related. Tell us what you’re building, get feedback, and join the fun!

P.S. — thank you to all survey respondents, we will be emailing winners this week 🤗