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Space Voyagers

November 20, 2023


Since the launch of Space OS, the product and engineering team has been busy cooking on top of the Horizon; you’ll be seeing many improvements soon.

Additionally, we’re also starting to crack open larger products — new interfaces for AI in Space, interop, and the next generation of developer tooling on Deta. As we do, we’re looking to pull the Deta community into the fold as we build this out! We really want to understand 1) how you use Space and 2) what we can build to help you get the most out of it.

So we’re creating a dedicated community - Space Voyagers - to bring some of the most enthusiastic early adopters of Space together and collaborate closely with us. We’ll initially limit participation of Space Voyagers to around ~20 people for a limited time (until end of March 2024). Depending on interest and how it goes, we can take in more folks and extend the length of the program.

About Space Voyagers:

  • Receive access to Deta’s newest features before they are launched
  • a dedicated Discord channel and a direct line to the Deta Team
  • bi-weekly Voyagers community calls, where we’ll unveil in-progress features and you can share how you’re using Space & what you’re creating

You’ll also get a limited edition Deta T-Shirt once the program ends.


Application Process:

Apply Here