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Data Keys

December 7, 2022


In addition to the API keys we released last week, you can now generate Data Keys to access your Bases and Drives from outside of your app or project.


Data Keys

With Data Keys you can now access your Bases and Drives from outside of an app or project. They allow you to read and manipulate your Space apps’ data, and can be used to build custom integrations without explicit options (such as API Keys) from the app developer.

However, manipulating the data can result in breaking your app, so use the keys with caution.

To generate Data Keys, go to the “Data Keys” tab in your “Settings” for your installed apps.

To use a Data Key, you can provide the key when initializing your Deta instance if you are using our official Deta SDKs.

To check out an example of an app using Data Keys, checkout Port: https://deta.space/discovery/@maxs1/spaceport

Teletype Action Panel

We made some improvements to Teletype which includes a new action panel. The action panel shows up whenever a action in Teletype has more than one option. For example, when searching for an app you can now view its data or open the settings in addition to the default action of opening it.

Teletype Action Panel
Teletype Action Panel

Unpin Builder Instancess

You can now unpin your Builder instances from your Horizon. Resources and configuration of Builder instances have moved to the redesigned develop page.

Thanks for being a crucial part in the early stages of Space and for all the great feedback we have received!