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New Base UI, Bigger Release Card and CLI Improvements

November 18, 2022


We have been working hard on squashing bugs and improving the Space developer experience. Here are the latest changes to Space Alpha:


New Base UI

We have completely re-engineered Base UI to make it ready for the future.

The new Base UI features:

  • 💅 a beautiful new interface
  • 🔎 text search across all items
  • ✏️ full item-level editing for Bases in Builder Instancess

Go to a Space App’s tile, click the ... and then click View Data to try it.

Base UI Screenshot
New Base UI editing mode

Bigger release card

We have increased the size of the release card in your projects overview tab to make more room for additional information. It now shows the number of total installs of your app and you can expect to see more stats about your app in the future!

Release Card Screenshot
Bigger release card

New Discovery sections

Apps on Deta Discovery are now grouped into 3 tabs:

  • Popular: The most popular apps on Space based on the number of installs
  • Recent: The most recently added or updated apps
  • Hot: Apps that have gotten the most installs in a short time

Space CLI v0.0.4

We have also been hard at work improving the Space CLI. Here are the latest changes that come with v0.0.4:

  • Add .space to a project’s .gitignore
  • Add support for a .spaceignore file to prevent files from being pushed
  • Add --confirm flag for space release to skip the prompts and directly release with the latest revision
  • Improve validation and output messages
  • Verify access tokens during login
  • Hide access token from output during login

Other changes

  • Redesigned icons for Builder and Docs app
  • Add Discovery app to the Horizon
  • Add link to release in app context menu

Fixes & improvements

  • Improve security of our infastructure
  • Improve Discovery pages layout on mobile devices

Thanks for being a crucial part in the early stages of Space and for all the great feedback we have received.