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Deta Discovery (& more)

October 27, 2022


We have been working hard on squashing bugs and improving the Space developer experience. Here are the latest changes to Space Alpha:


New Discovery

We completely redesigned Discovery so you can better showcase your apps and easily share them with others. Each app page can now include a full README like app description with Markdown support as well as custom app icons, links to your Git repository & homepage, and more.

Here’s a preview:

Discovery App Page Screenshot
Discovery App Page

Additionally you can now choose to list your app publicly on Discovery for others to discover and install:

Discovery App List Screenshot
Discovery App List

To customize your app’s Discovery page, first update to the latest version of the Space CLI using the following command:

curl -fsSL https://get.deta.dev/space-cli.sh | sh

Then take a look at our docs on how to customize your app’s Discovery page.

We hope Discovery helps you find great apps already on Space and excites you to start building and sharing your own!

You can now search our docs from anywhere in Space using Teletype. Simply open the “Search Docs” action and start typing! We are now using a full-fledged search engine to index our docs with support for full text search and better fuzzy matching.

Viewing Builds

You can now view Build statuses in the “Develop” tab in Builder. Builds will be displayed as ongoing, completed, or failed.

Listing Builds Screenshot
Build Status in the 'Develop' tab

This should help you get more insight into your project’s current and past build statuses. Soon you will be able to see build logs in the UI as well - stay tuned!

Fixes & improvements

  • Fix custom app icons not showing up
  • Fix tooltips being hidden behind adjacent Horizon items
  • Added a version and version upgrade command to the Space CLI
  • Added more actions in Teletype to easily navigate between pages and tabs
  • Expanded the context menu for projects and apps on the Horizon to quickly jump to a project and its tabs
  • Improve loading in app instance settings
  • Various under the hood stability improvements

Thanks for being a crucial part in the early stages of Space and for all the great feedback we have received.