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Tela-3 & a new Horizon

December 1, 2023


This week we’ve got news and number of improvements. Hint: you can now embed websites and YouTube videos and scroll away without killing them.

Horizon improvements, powered by Tela-3


We’ve quietly upgraded the engine that runs Horizon under the hood. It’s an open source library we call Tela, and the latest version (Tela-3) gives Horizon a number of benefits.

First, is that Tela-3 is desiged to work across browsers. If you are using Firefox, you should already see improvements, while some final bugs for Safari are being resolved.

Second, is new features. We were previously “culling” all cards not in the viewport. This was especially problematic for stateful cards, like embeds of websites. With Tela-3, embed cards themselves stay alive as long as your Horizon is open. So you can keep that YouTube video playing while you scroll away.

Finally, is performance. We re-engineered how Tela works in rendering and updating cards, and consequently you should have a better overall experience. If you have any feedback, make sure to let us know on Discord.

Dueling Horizons Finalists

We have finalists for the Dueling Horizons contest:

Make sure to vote on Twitter.


All these Horizons you’ve created inspired us. We’ve now got an Instagram to feature them. Make sure to give us a follow for some inspiration. And if you’re creating something wonderful, make sure to drop it in the #spacerice Discord channel.