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Revamped Build Pipeline

April 27, 2023


New Build Pipeline

We have been working hard on a revamped build pipeline that is more reliable, easier to maintain and provides a few improvements for developers building Space apps as well.

Most of the changes happened in the pipeline itself, but for some we also had to update the Space CLI. To take advantage of all improvements you need to upgrade the CLI to the latest version:

Terminal window
space version upgrade

Improved Logs

We reworked the build logs to be easier to read and more informative.

$ space push
πŸ“¦ Pushing your code (7 files) & running build process...
2023/04/27 15:37:05 Parsing Spacefile...
2023/04/27 15:37:05 Building micro client...
2023/04/27 15:37:05 [client] Installing dependencies with npm
2023/04/27 15:37:09 [client] Zipping dependencies
2023/04/27 15:37:09 [client] Zipping code
2023/04/27 15:37:09
2023/04/27 15:37:09 Building micro server...
2023/04/27 15:37:09 [server] Installing dependencies with npm
2023/04/27 15:37:11 [server] Running command: npm run build
2023/04/27 15:37:11 [server] ...
2023/04/27 15:37:11 [server] Zipping code
2023/04/27 15:37:11
2023/04/27 15:37:11 All micros built successfully
2023/04/27 15:37:11 Total Size 4.62 MB
2023/04/27 15:37:18 Created revision: dory-weyi
πŸ’» Updating your Builder instance with the new revision...
2023/04/27 15:37:23 starting update...
2023/04/27 15:37:23 fetching release configuration...
2023/04/27 15:37:23 allocating resources..
2023/04/27 15:37:23 configuring resource 1 out of 2...
2023/04/27 15:37:43 configuring resource 2 out of 2...
πŸŽ‰ Successfully pushed your code and updated your Builder instance!
Builder instance: https://example-v7468792.deta.app

You will also notice that the logs are now streamed in real-time, so you can see the progress of your build as it happens.

Node apps now use the right package manager

In our previous pipeline, we defaulted to using yarn to install dependencies. This worked fine for most applications, but some users were hitting issues when using pnpm or npm instead.

We now dynamically detect which package manager to use based on the presence of a lockfile.

Smaller Node Apps

We no longer bundle the node_modules directory for engines that don’t require it. If your app use the nodejs16 engine and has a build step, you can provide an include array in your Spacefile to exclude the node_modules directory from your build.