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On halting new Space signups

September 19, 2023

Well folks, a wall of text coming your way – and don’t stress, it’s all good news, just a bit of change to navigate.

The short version

In short, we’re halting signup from 19.09 (today at 16:00 UTC+2) until 10.10, which marks a big release day for Space. We’re going to release new features & designs for Space & Discovery. And no, we will not remove any feature or cause any backward incompatibility.

The long version

First off, let’s address the Deta Space usage. It seems that most people aren’t here to install apps. In reality, the majority are eager beavers looking to deploy APIs and websites. So don’t sweat about your apps not getting new installs because of closed signups. We’re not there yet.

We try to be as transparent as possible. Even before launching Space, we’ve been clear about our intentions and we’ve been evolving along the way to keep everything ship-shaped. Might that involve some sharp turns from time to time? Absolutely. But we’ll tackle the bends while making sure not to trip up our grateful developer community – didn’t join dev life to walk in straight lines, did we?

Now, about those public_routes users (all tens of thousands of ‘em), don’t worry – you won’t be affected. As for the new discovery users – yep, there’ll be a 20-day pause on installing apps. But let’s not forget, this only affects about 5% of folks, so let’s not stress.

Beneath it all, we want Deta to keep on keeping on. And to make that happen, we’ve got a plan for a computer platform that’s all about being welcoming and cost-free for devs building. Maybe this seems a bit out there to some, but it’s our way of carving our path in a territory not many companies are treading these days.

Risks? Yep, they’re part of the package when you’re getting involved with free and experimental tech. But let’s remember, we’ve been running a free, stable service for devs since 2019.

Speaking of free, don’t forget about our upcoming hackathon! And if you or anyone you know wants to try out Space or install a specific app, just give us a shout. Our DMs are always open, friends!

We’re also working hard to revamp our language and product design to better show off the personal cloud computer. Fear not, there won’t be any platform changes (no extra work for you, developers) but you can look forward to a better Space on 10.10.

My Discord DMs are open –– see you in Space!