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News from Space - Captain's Log #1

February 23, 2023

Dear Detonians,

Here’s the latest and greatest news around Deta Space, the “personal cloud”. Let’s dive in.


📰 Heard in the Detaverse

Heard of something else newsworthy? Let us know on Discord.

💾 Highlighted Apps

Pollster: polls to “make every voice count”

Install Pollster

Pollster won the grand prize of Sprint to Space, offering a solution for creating and running polls. The team really likes the UI and Pollster feels like a complete and polished app.

Formate: forms in minutes

Install Formate

Formate lets you create forms in minutes. It was built by a former working student at Deta and supports a variety of question types. The community is already integrating other apps with Formate using Data Keys.

Moonliver: personal live streaming

Install Moonliver

Moonliver is a personal live streaming platform, built during the Sprint to Space. Moonliver has blown our minds, surprising us with the limits of what is possible to build in Space.

Building something cool? Let us know on Discord.

😺 Sprint to Space Shipathon

Lots of Apps, Lots of Winners

The community built 20 apps for the Sprint to Space Shipathon. Incredible.

The grand prize goes to Pollster. Congratulations Aarush!

Shoutout to everyone who delivered & make sure to check out the rest of the winners on Discord. We’ll be contacting everyone next week for prizes.

🕹️ Features

Live Now: Edit Mode

With “Edit Mode” you can now add, modify, and delete data for any app you install. Use responsibly.

Read more about Edit Mode and other fixes in our changelog.

Can you use or share an app or API without auth, so anyone can access it?

Yes! To do this, just add a public_routes parameter to your Spacefile before you push to Space. You can control what’s public on a route level basis.

🍳 What’s Cooking?

Coming Soon

We’ve been busy drinking Coke Zero and building:

  • a better local dev experience with the Space CLI
  • the ability to hide and delete releases
  • stricter requirements for publishing listed releases to Deta Discovery

Have a feature request? Let us know on Discord.

🤙 We need you

Create for Space

We’re looking for people to create content for us — written and video. We’ll be paying per piece. Read more here.

Work for Deta

We’re hiring across engineering and marketing. Check our open roles and shoot us a note with a CV and the things you’re most proud of working on to [email protected].

That’s all and thanks,

🖖 The Deta Team (past and present)