Software is out of control.

We're crafting a new OS with you at the center, putting you firmly in control.

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Meet Space OS

Your new home on the web.

Just Drop

A better way of interacting with computers.

Own your data

Your data, back under your control. Every app has it's own collection that you can extend, export and wipe.

Data ownership

Personal Apps

Craft your own apps with prompts or download apps from developers around the world.

Personal Apps

Yours, anywhere

Space OS is not tied to any device, but it's still yours.

Yours, anywhere.

Warp through space

Instantly swipe through your horizon.

Warp through space

A magical Teletype

Craft a dynamic app, sketch with ease, automate everyday tasks, and open up a world of endless possibilities.

Coming soon

Immersive Interoperability

Send & Receive

Seamlessly exchange data and files between apps without the context switch.

Embed your heart out

You want a file from an app embedded in another app? It’s as easy as click, draw, drop, type.

Use the Magic Field

Want to give your app superpowers? Bring it closer to another app and see them magically work together.

🤙🏼 Meeting notes
In the meeting, the team discussed various topics related to the ongoing project. Jane Doe, the Project Manager, provided an update on the project's status, highlighting that the design phase is nearly complete, and development is scheduled to commence next week. Emily Johnson from the marketing team presented the marketing strategy for the upcoming product launch, discussing key channels, target audience, and messaging. It was agreed to schedule a call next week. We'll follow up about the advancements in sales at that call.
Summary for your Meeting
  • Meeting topics: Ongoing project
  • Project status update
    • Design phase nearly complete
    • Development starts next week
  • Marketing strategy for product launch
  • Channels, target audience, messaging
  • Agreed on follow-up marketing meeting