Space vs. Cloud 101

Deta Space, viewed from Deta Cloud

Deta Space is a “personal cloud” which evolved out of Deta Cloud. It features a few big upgrades on top of Deta Cloud including more runtimes, a brand new ui, among other features.

But most importantly, it builds on top of Deta Cloud with whole a new model for distributing and using apps around “the personal cloud”. On the personal cloud, when you build for yourself, your app can run anywhere, for anyone with an internet connection. And you don’t need to really do anything extra, it’s all baked into the model.

Build for yourself

As a developer, you’ll still get your own personal cloud environment, just like in Deta Cloud, to build and deploy your ideas. You can use the same friendly Base SDK and Drive SDK, while Micros have been completely refreshed to support many runtimes and frameworks. The UI has also been completely redesigned and reengineered from scratch.

Micros, re-engineered to support more runtimes

Many of you use Deta for the core experience of Deta Micros: a free and easy way to go from a local Python or Node.js code to a live app on a personal domain.

With Deta Space, we have completely re-engineered the tooling around Micros so that Micros on Space provide the same great free and easy experience, but with support for many more runtimes.

These include:

It also includes a modifiable “custom” runtime engine, which the community has used to get things like Deno, Crystal, Nim and Dart live on Space. Check out the Space documentation to learn more.

A New User Interface

Another big upgrade for Deta Space, coming from Deta Cloud, is a modernized User Interface.

Here’s how the Deta Cloud UI looks: cloud

And here’s Space:


With our move to Space, we are bringing a complete frontend rewrite in Svelte, with a new design system and a brand new Base UI. Beyond the new look, we are bringing core UX components — Canvas and Teletype — that move Space away from a simple dashboard and make it a more friendly, interactive, and personal experience.

See it run anywhere

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Space is not the new runtimes or UI, but the new model of computing it introduces around “the personal cloud”.

Once you’ve built something that you’re happy with in your personal cloud, you are a single command (or click) away from your idea running anywhere, for anyone, in their personal cloud.

With the personal cloud, you can effortlessly make your existing ideas massively available around the planet. But you can also create totally new possibilities and ideas.

Doesn’t add up? Watch below to learn more about the personal cloud: