What Is Space?

Space is a personal cloud computing platform that allows individuals to have their own personal computer in the cloud, which they can use to run applications and store data.

The personal cloud architecture allows for more flexibility and privacy compared to shared cloud infrastructure. With Space, you’ll have your own isolated copies of apps running in your own dedicated infrastructure. This means you’ll have complete control over your apps and your data never leaves your own cloud.

The apps you’ve installed and the data you store in your personal cloud are seamlessly accessible from any device, whether you’re working on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Your data is always up-to-date and synced across all your devices and you’ll never have to worry about manual data transfers again.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

We believe individual software developers around the world are the key to the modern way of live and that they can boost productivity by a huge factor if they are given the right tools. The traditional ‘public cloud’ however is crippling their creativity with unnecessary complexity, costs, and limits.

On Space developers are core to the experience. Space is built from the ground up for developers to turn their ideas into reality. We are giving developers the tools to focus on building rather than worrying about scaling or maintaining their infrastructure which results in thousands of aspiring developers being able to realize their dreams and sharing their results with users.

Boosting Productivity

Once developer creativity is fully unlocked and the traditional limits are removed, productivity can thrive. On Space developers can build applications and distribute them to user like you with ease. Additionally apps installed in a personal cloud can be setup to talk with each streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

Users have full access to their data and have the flexibility to interact with it in any way they like.

Space Alpha

Deta Space is currently still in its alpha phase. It is pretty stable right now but things could still break unexpectedly.

If you have feedback or run into issues, let us know in the #space channel on Discord or shoot us a note at