Deta Discovery


Deta Discovery Space’s library of software, that anyone can contribute to and use. You can find all sorts of applications on Deta Discovery to install and use in your own Space.

Finding Apps on Discovery

Deta Discovery’s homepage offers a three views to find apps.

  • Popular displays the apps with the most unique installs since inception.
  • Recent displays the newest apps released on Space.
  • Hot shows apps that have been installed the most over the prior two weeks.


You can also search for apps using the search bar.

App Discovery Pages

If you find an app from the Discovery home page that you’re curious about, clicking it will bring you to an individual app’s Discovery page. You may also land on an app’s Discovery page from an external site, or if someone shared a Discovery link with you.

The Discovery Page looks like this.


The Discovery page includes a description written by the developer, describing what the app does. There is also some meta data about the app on the right-hand side, some of which is provided by the application developer.

Meta data fields can include:

  • Creator: the Deta username of the app’s creator
  • Website: an external website for the app
  • Git: links to a git repository hosting the source code of the app, if it’s open source
  • Date: the date the app was released
  • Version: the version of the app you are viewing (you can view Discovery pages for older versions of an individual app)
  • Total Installs: the number of unique installs for the app

Installing Apps from Discovery

If you are interested in trying an app you find on Discovery, click the pink Install on Space button. This will kick off the process of installing the given app to your own personal cloud. A pink progress bar will gradually fill the button until the installation completes. Once the installation is finished, the button will be replaced by a View on Horizon button with a green check mark in the top corner.

In the background, Space is pulling a copy of the app from Discovery and provisioning the compute and data resources to run the app out of your Space. Once it is complete, you will be able to find the app on your Horizon. Your app comes with its own, unique domain. It also comes pre-wired to its own unique Collection for storing associated data.