Dealing with data

How to store data

In addition to the compute provided Micros, each Deta Space app has its own database and file storage services. All the data stored with a Space app is ‘sandboxed’ within an application instance. By default, this storage is not shared across users and it’s also not shared between a single user’s app instances (interoperability between apps is planned).

As a result, you can just code your app as if it was only for a single user, without thinking about authentication or data separation.

Deta Base

To store data, Space apps can use Deta Base, a fully-managed, fast, and secure NoSQL database. Each app can create and use as many Bases as it needs. Base can be accessed using the Deta Base SDK or the Base HTTP API.

Take a look the the Base Reference on how to use it.

Deta Drive

To store files, Space apps can use Deta Drive, a fully-managed, secure and scalable file storage service for Deta. Each app can create and use as many Drives as it needs. Drive can be accessed using the Drive SDK or the Drive HTTP API.

Take a look the the Drive Reference on how to use it.

Developing with Base and Drive

During development, you can share data between your local environment and your project in Space.

There is two ways to setup the Deta SDK to access the Bases & Drives of your project:

Automatic setup

The Space CLI can automatically connect your local development environment with your Space Base & Drive using the space dev command.

More information on how to use the space dev command can be found in the in the Developing Locally section.

Manual setup

If the automatic set up does not work for your use-case, you can manually set up your local development environment by generating a data key from the “Data” tab on the “Develop” page, inside your Builder project.

If you are using an official Deta SDK, add this as an environment variable inside your dev environment:


The Deta SDKs will detect this key to access your development Bases and Drives.

If you are not using a Deta SDK, pass this Project Key using the X-API-Key header with the Base HTTP API or Drive HTTP API.

Viewing data

Base and Drive both come with a UI where you can easily see, add, update and delete files and data. This UI is available inside Builder in the “Develop” tab under “Project Resources” and also through your Builder instance on your Canvas (click the ... and then View Data).

For detailed guides, see the specific documentation for Base UI and Drive UI.